The authors

Tracy Kasaboski, r, and Kristen den Hartog

Kristen den Hartog (right) is the author of the novels Water Wings, The Perpetual Ending, Origin of Haloes, and And Me Among Them, published in the US as The Girl Giant. She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter. The Occupied Garden was written with her sister, Tracy Kasaboski, who first inspired den Hartog years ago with her own dramatic childhood stories. Tracy would pen a fabulous tale about a man with a trail of dead wives, and Kristen would write one suspiciously similar, adding a wife or two and changing the names. Tracy was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and now lives on a country road near Deep River, Ontario, where the sisters grew up. She and her woodworker husband are involved with the Valley Artisans’ Coop.

Tracy and Kristen are at work on another collaboration, this time about their mother’s family in the poorest neighbourhoods of London, England, during the WW1 era.

We welcome notes from readers. Please get in touch at theoccupiedgarden at gmail dot com.


2 responses to “The authors

  1. Pieter den Heyer

    Found your website very interesting! During the war years we live at 58 Tedinger Straat , Leidschendam, (I was born in 1943) and our family emigrated to Canada in 1955. My older brother was born in 1938 and I have sent him a link to your website, it would be interesting to find out if he has any memories of your grandparents and family.

    The bombing raid you mentioned in your website was on “het Bezuidenhout”, I have included some links to articles of interest about the raid.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Pieter den Heyer

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